Megalodon Fossil Shark Teeth Diving Trip to North Carolina with Huron Scuba, Ann Arbor Michigan
Dive for Giant Megalodon Shark Fossils in North Carolina
Huge Megalodon Shark Teeth: You find 'em, You keep 'em!

In 2014, we have 6 divers spaces per trip!

Due to the nature of this diving, all DIVING travellers must be preapproved by the trip leader.

MEG QUEST 2014 TRIP ONE - July 9-11, 2014

Waitlist only for trip one...

Trip ONE - Reservation Agreement / Trip Waiver can be downloaded HERE

MEG QUEST 2014 TRIP TWO - July 13-15, 2014

1 spot left for trip two...

Trip TWO - Reservation Agreement / Trip Waiver can be downloaded HERE

Megalodon scale compared to great white

Get the Diver's Souvenir of a Lifetime!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to scuba dive 10 million years ago? Now you can dive where the ancient Megalodon once lived and recover fossil evidence of its massive teeth. We are headed to the clear waters off the coast of North Carolina to a rich trove of fossil teeth.  In 2012, divers averaged 80-100 teeth recovered per trip - three to five inch teeth are frequently found, with an occasional monster exceeding six inches!

Megalodon fossil shark teethIn 2013, Brian recovered over 190 complete teeth from Megalodons, as well as prehistoric Mako and Great Whites while diving on the fossil ledge.  Brian Bondy being the most experienced fossil recovery diver on the Huron Scuba crew has collected a combined total of well over 550 teeth.  Several of the teeth and bones are on display at Huron Scuba as well as a monster that is on display at Ann Arbor's Public Television station CTN. Come check them out, put them in your hands and you will see for yourself why people who have come on this trip in the past, always sign up for a second, or third or forth year !  Tooth-fever is incurable and we are proud to spread the infection to our dive travel teams every year. Join us for Meg Quest 2014.

Megalodons were about 60 feet long, and weighed as much as 77 TONS, preyed on whales and large fish.

Read more about the Megalodon here.

Each trip includes three days of 2-tank shark teeth hunting diving at a secret location in the clear ocean off the coast North Carolina and 3 nights lodging.  Even with room for 6 divers now, this will be a trip that sells out fast. Minimum of Deep Diver certification is mandatory, as these are working dives between 80-110 feet with minimal decompression possible. Due to the nature of this trip, it is by application only - no one is guaranteed a space until his or her paperwork and deposit have been received, reviewed and approved by Brian (may require an in person meeting to review certifications and dive history).  If your expereince and qualifications do not meet the requirements, your deposit will be refunded immediately.

Other fossil diving trips drop you in a murky river to deal with snakes and alligators while you hunt for small fossils in dark, no-vis, fast-moving water. On this trip, you'll be in the open ocean, with great visibility for your hunt. One drawback to open ocean diving is the weather - historically, conditions allow meg teeth dive boats to go out about 60% of the scheduled days.

Trip cost for 2014 is $929.  Scooter rental is not included but is highly recommended to maximize your tooth-finding opportunities.  (scooter rental is $50 per day, not included).

NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your space. $300

Second payment due, and then becomes non-refundable on Feb. 1, 2014 - $300

Balance due and becomes non-refundable on Apr. 15, 2014 - $329

 Once your payment in full has been made, you will be given the exact location for our accommodations and diving as this sometimes changes. Special equipment advice will be provided regarding cylinders, tooth collecting equipment, and reels during a "pre-trip" meeting to be scheduled on TBD.

If the boat captain cancels a day of diving due to weather or mechanical issues, divers will be refunded $TBD (2012 refunds were $135)  per lost day of diving.

Due to the cost of fuel a surcharge should be expected.  This is not covered in your trip fees but will probably only range in price from $5 - $20 per person per day depending upon the price of fuel and the distance we go each day. (There are multiple locations for teeth, some further)

DAN/Travel Guard Trip Insurance Application

Reserve your spot today! Call us at (734) 994-3483 or email us to book this great trip!

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